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Navy Cat Jet CF V2

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Navy Cat Jet CF  V2

  • Product Name: Navy Cat Jet CF V2        Model No.: 90A292R/B/O/Y/YR
  • ITEM : NAVY CAT JET CF  V2   NO.: (90A292R/B/O/Y/YR)
    Packing Size: 135X51X26CM /1pc   G.W:10.0 KG


    Wing Span : 63.5 in / 1615mm                      Fuselage Length: 71in / 1800mm

    Wing Area : 1007sq in / 65sq dm                  Flying Weight : 15 lb / 6810g

    Engine Required : KT80 or JC P60SE          Radio Required: 6 channels ; Servos: 11

    Features:  V2

    ·         Intensity is muchbetter than before.Makemain wings’ carbon fiber wing tubes are longer than             before,

    ·         Carboncloth in boom have been extension. The jointbetween fuselage and wings’ two sides                add carbon cloth. Also add carbon fibercloth and carbon fiber sticks are added in wings.

    ·         Catch upcanopies and fiberglass seat base;

    ·         Stainlesssteel hardware screws and positive and negative teeth push rod.

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