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SBACH342 - 50E

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SBACH342 - 50E

  • Product Name: SBACH342 - 50E        Model No.: 90A308 B / G
  • No.: 90A308 B / G ;  Item:  SBACH342 - 50E  ;  
    Packing  Size: 41X19X99CMX1pc ;  G.W 4.5KG

    Wing span: 55 in / 1400mm        Fuselagelength:53in/1350mm;

    Wing area: 651sq in / 42 sq dm  Required:outruner:A4520;700KV;ESC:45A; 

    Flying weight: 4.7 lb / 2200 g     L.B:14.8V;3300mah; apcpropeller:APC 13X6

    Radio Required:  4 channels, 5 servos     Engine Required: 2c: 0.52


    Covered with handiron-oncovering film.
    Oneof the best 3D kits in the market. Built-up wings.
    Allwood constructions with fiberglass parts.
    holes are good opened whichis easy for installation of glass fiber Cowls andwheels.
    After the oxidationtreatment of black aluminum landing gear and aluminum latchtube
    Wing, fuselage server holesfactory has been opened so that save customers’installation time
    CarbonFiber tubesreinforce the fuselage and wing;
    Mainwing carbonfiber tubes and carbon fiber tail wing tubes.

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